Download 7-Zip for MacOS. 7Zip is a great app that should be included on iTunes.As productivity is a concern on all Apple devices, the development of 7Zip would be a great delight for all its users. Feb 02, 2021 The Archive Utility app has some options that may make working with archives easier. In this article, you’ll learn about compressed files and Archive Utility, and we’ll show you some options you can adjust that will make working with compressed files easier. Where is the Archive Utility? Archive Utility is a small app hidden in a system folder.

Apple Archive Utility Download Windows 10 A file system handles the persistent storage of data files, apps, and the files associated with the operating system itself. Therefore, the file system is one of the fundamental resources used by all processes. If you would like to use a file archiver software that further doubles as an encryption tool, you will find Pea Zip useful. Moreover, Pea Zip is fast, and it provides a high compression ratio for multi format archiving.

Version10(as of 5/7/2021)

Main Features

  • Extract files from Zip, bzip2, tar, cbz, gz, cpio, and cpgz archives
  • Package files into Zip, cpio, and cpgz archives
  • Customize how files are extracted and archived

Software Overview

Apple Archive Utility is a macOS application that allows users to create and expand archives, such as .ZIP files. It is bundled with macOS and is the default tool macOS uses to handle archives.

Archive Utility can package users' files into Zip, CPIO, or CPGZ archives. It allows users to expand archives that use the Zip, CPIO, CPGZ, bzip2, cbz, tar, gz, jar, tgz, tbz, compress, and uuencode archive formats.

To create an archive using Archive Utility, users simply select all the files they want to package into an archive, right-click one of the files, and then select Compress. To expand an archive using Archive Utility, users simply double-click the archive. (In some cases, you may have to rename the archive to use the .zip extension or another supported extension.)

Advanced users can customize Archive Utility's archiving and expanding processes. The utility allows you to choose where to save expanded files, what to do with archives after expanding them, where to save archives, and what to do with archives after creating them. Users who want to customize Archive Utility's settings can find the app in the Macintosh HD/System/Library/CoreServices/Applications directory.


For most macOS users, Apple Archive Utility will be the only tool they need to create and expand archives. It is built into the macOS operating system, supports most popular archive formats, and even allows you to customize the archiving and expansion process.

Primary File Type

.ZIPZipped File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.ZIPZipped File
.BZBzip Compressed File
.BZ2Bzip2 Compressed File
.BZIP2Bzip2 Compressed Archive
.CPGZCompressed CPIO Archive
.CPIOUnix CPIO Archive
.GZGnu Zipped Archive
.HQXBinHex 4.0 Encoded File
.PAXPAX Archive
.TARConsolidated Unix File Archive
.TBZBzip Compressed Tar Archive
.TBZ2Tar BZip 2 Compressed File
.TGZGzipped Tar File
.TXZXZ Compressed Tar Archive
.UUUuencoded File
.XIPmacOS Signed Archive
.XZXZ Compressed Archive
.ZUnix Compressed File

Launch the Console application in any of the following ways:

Apple Archive Utility Download Windows


☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)

☞ In the Finder, select Go Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.


☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Console in the icon grid.

Step 1

Apple Archive Utility Download

Make sure the title of the Console window is All Messages. If it isn't, select All Messages from the SYSTEM LOG QUERIES menu on the left.

Apple Archive Utility DownloadEnter the name of the crashed application or process in the Filter text field. Post the messages from the time of the last crash, if any — the text, please, not a screenshot.

When posting a log extract, be selective. In most cases, a few dozen lines are more than enough.

Archive Utility

Please do not indiscriminately dump thousands of lines from the log into a message.

Important: Some private information, such as your name, may appear in the log. Edit it out by search-and-replace in a text editor before posting.

Step 2

Apple Archive Utility Download Software

Apple Archive Utility Download Free

Still in the Console window, look under User Diagnostic Reports for crash reports related to the process. The report name starts with the name of the crashed process, and ends with '.crash'. Select the most recent report and post the entire contents — again, the text, not a screenshot. In the interest of privacy, I suggest that, before posting, you edit out the “Anonymous UUID,” a long string of letters, numbers, and dashes in the header of the report, if it’s present (it may not be.) Please don’t post shutdownStall, spin, or hang logs — they're very long and not helpful.

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