I recently hit a problem on my MacBook Air when trying to use Cisco WebEx. The Mac is running OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

The WebEx client installed without an issue, but when I tried to join a meeting the connection would hang at 98%. I had to use Force Quit to kill the client.

Cisco Webex For Macbook AirAir

The solution to the problem was to change the proxy settings in Network Preferences. I’m not using a proxy but WebEx seems to have difficulties with the default setting.

Apr 29, 2019 Double-click on the CiscoWebexAdd-On.dmg file that was just downloaded. Double-click on the Install Cisco Webex Add-On.App file. Click the Open button. Click the Install button. After a few moments, the Webex meeting window will appear. If the issue persists, follow the additional steps below. The Built-in Camera is not Working in a WebEx Meeting Using a New Macbook Air: Question(s): The built-in camera is not working in a WebEx Meeting using a new MacBook Air. The button to send video is greyed out on a Mac Book Air. I can't view or send my webcam video on a MacBook Air. I'm unable to send my video from a new MacBook Air in a WebEx.

Best of all, you can sign up free. Participants connect in a virtual meeting using HD video and audio across web, desktop, mobile or video system. Solutions like Webex also offer sophisticated video conferencing features like screen sharing, meeting recording and transcription, AI-powered meeting assistance, and more. If we understand your post correctly, you're unable to use an app on your MacBook Air. We’d like to help. Follow the steps in this article: If an app freezes or quits unexpectedly on Mac. You may also find help from Cisco: Video Conferencing - Troubleshoot Your Cisco Webex Meeting.

Open “System Preferences” then select the “Network” icon.

Now select your current network connection from the left-hand panel (in my case this was Wi-Fi). Click the “Advanced…” button on the lower right of the panel.

Cisco Webex For Macbook Air

Click the “Proxies” tab and the proxy settings are on the left. I’m not using a proxy but the default setting is “Auto Proxy Discovery”. Untick that, click “OK” and then “Apply” and WebEx would connect without any further problem.

How do I uninstall Webex software on a Mac?

How do I manually remove Webex files and folders on a Mac?

In order to completely remove the Webex software from your Mac, you need to:

  1. Delete the Cisco Webex Meetings application using Finder:
    1. Go to Finder, then navigate to the Applications folder.
    2. Either drag the Cisco Webex Meetings app icon to Trash, or right-click and select Move to Trash
  2. Remove all the Webex files and folders:

Does Webex Work On Macbook Air

  • Using the uninstaller tool:
  1. Download the Mac Cisco-Webex Uninstaller.
  2. Select Cisco_Webex_Meeting_Application_Uninstaller.dmg in your Downloads folder.
  3. In the Cisco Webex Meeting Application Uninstaller window, double-click Cisco Webex Meeting Application Uninstaller.
  4. Select Open to run the Cisco Webex Meeting Application Uninstaller.
  5. If you are prompted to close one or more applications, close them, and then select Try Again.
When the uninstaller has completed removing Webex files from your Mac, you will see a confirmation message.

Note: If users are getting an error message 'Cisco Webex Removal tool can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer'. See the workaround below:

  1. Right-click on the Cisco_Webex_Meeting_Application_Uninstaller.dmg. (See Step 3 above)
  2. Click Open.
  3. Follow the instructions at the top of this article to complete the uninstall.

Cisco Webex Para Macbook Air

  • Manually remove Webex files and folders:


Cisco webex for macbook air 2019
  • It is not necessary to run the Cisco Webex Mac Uninstaller and perform the manual removal steps.
  • The information in the manual removal section is provided on a 'perform at your own risk' basis and Webex is not responsible if the steps are not performed correctly.
  • The Library folder is hidden by default. See the following article to show the Library folder: WBX58578 - How Do I Show the Library Folder on Mac OS?.
  1. Go to Mac HD > Users > User Account > Library > Application Support folder, then drag the Webex Folder to the trash.
  2. Go back to Mac HD > Users > UserAccount > Library > Internet-Plugins folder, then drag the Webex.plugin to the trash.
  3. Go to Mac HD > Users > User Account > Library > Preferences folder, then drag any files that have the word Webex in them to the trash.
Note: There may be 3-6 preferences files and some files that start with *webex.com
  1. Go to Mac HD > Users > User Account > Library > Saved Application State folder, then drag any files that have the word Webex in them to the trash.
  2. Go to Mac HD > Applications > Utilities, then open Terminal.
  3. Type rm -rf .Webex, then press enter.
Note: If this command goes to the next line without any error, then it ran successfully.
  1. Close the terminal window.
  2. Empty the trash.

If you will be reinstalling Webex software, restart your Mac before performing the Webex software installation.