VMware Fusion 12 Free Download. Offers the consumer a powerful atmosphere for the Mac customers to operate the House windows on Mac together with numerous popular Os’s as well. It is the majority of easy and simplest application for your consumer and the majority of effective for the IT experts as well as programmers. Vmware Fusion 11.5 Key Download. VMware Fusion causes macOS 10.15.6 hosts to operate unreliably. VMware Fusion might cause a macOS 10.15.6 host to hang, panic, or unexpectedly restart after a virtual machine has been running for a period of several hours or more. Users are forcibly logged out and lose their current session and data. Feb 09, 2020 I appear to be in some website loop trying to download 11.5. I login and go to my products - all downloads. I select Fusion 11 Pro and click on Download That takes me to a Download VMWare Fusion where I see 'VMWare Fusion 11.5.1 for Intel based Mac' with another Go To Downloads link.

VMware Fusion 11.5.6 6 August 2020 Build 16696540

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

About VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion® 11 is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to run Windows and other x86 based operating systems on a Mac without rebooting.


For more information, see the broader VMware Fusion documentation.

System Requirements

  • Hardware
    All Macs launched in 2012 or later are supported except for the following:

    • 2012 Mac Pro Quad Core using the Intel® Xeon® W3565 Processor.

    The following are also supported with a recommended graphic card that supports Metal:
    • 2010 Mac Pro Six Core, Eight Core, and Twelve Core.

  • Software
    Supports only macOS 10.14 Mojave or macOS 10.15 Catalina hosts.

What's New

This release of VMware Fusion is a free upgrade for all VMware Fusion 11 users. This release provides the following:

  • Performance improvements, bug fixes and security updates.

Prior Releases

Features and Known Issues from prior releases of VMware Fusion 11 are described in the release notes for each release. To view the release notes for a prior release, click the appropriate link:

Resolved Issues

  • Sandisk Extreme SSD device is not recognized in a virtual machine

    Unable to connect a Sandisk Extreme SSD device to VM because the device is not recognized in the guest operating system.

    This issue is now resolved.

  • Plug In Action is broken when an iPhone is connected to Windows guest operating system

    After the Plug In Action for iPhone is set to Ask what to do, the Ask what to do dialogue box doesn't appear when an iPhone is connected to the Windows guest.

    This issue is now resolved.

  • The VMware Graphics Service crashes and causes the system to crash

    When the Use High Performance Graphics for 3D Applications Only option is selected on a Mac which doesn't have dual GPUs (For example: iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro), the VMware Graphics Service crashes.

    This issue is now resolved.

  • Some USB mass storage devices can't be accessed in a virtual machine

    After you select the checkbox next to a USB mass storage device in USB & Bluetooth Settings to connect it to a running virtual machine, the virtual machine is unable to access the mass storage device.

    This issue is now resolved.

Known Issues

  • VMware Fusion causes macOS 10.15.6 hosts to operate unreliably

    VMware Fusion might cause a macOS 10.15.6 host to hang, panic, or unexpectedly restart after a virtual machine has been running for a period of several hours or more. Users are forcibly logged out and lose their current session and data.

    Restart your Mac regularly to avoid failure. If macOS 10.15.6 has not yet been deployed on a host, consider deferring deployment until the issue has been resolved.

About This File

This is the current version of VMware Tools for OS X / macOS from the VMware CDS repository for Fusion 11.5.0

Updated to macOS Catalina a few days ago and my VM stopped working. I'm using a 64 bit Windows 10 install on VMware Fusion. Now when I start up the machine it will just be a black screen. The proper solution is to upgrade to VMware Fusion 11.5. If you are already running VMware Fusion 11 then that is a free upgrade, otherwise an upgrade. This does not seem to work with Fusion 11.5.3 on MacOS Mojave and using Catalina as the VMware OS. There is no way to get the MDM screen on startup. I’ve followed the points and testing 10 times at least. I’ve tested my prestage with real hardware and it works. Anyone else had problems with the same versions?

VMware are no longer including the ISO images as separate 'packages' in the CDS respository as of Fusion 11.5.0, instead the ISO images are included as part of the 'core' download which is 522 MB.

It is not possible to download the com.vmware.fusion.zip.tar due to upload limits.

However, I have extracted the darwin.iso and darwinPre15.iso from the 'core' and uploaded to this thread.

If you prefer to download the 'core' tar file and extract the ISO's they are located in the following directory in the tar file:

com.vmware.fusion.zip.tarcom.vmware.fusion.zippayloadVMware Fusion.appContentsLibraryisoimages

Please note: In the latest VMwareGfx.kext from Fusion 8.5.5 onwards VMware have discontinued the 2D-Acceleration code, and graphics performance is better now, thanks to Zenith432 for the update.

To check for the latest version visit http://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/fusion/.

The various VMware Tools downloads are located under the packages folder for each version upto and including 11.1.0.

Instructions for extracting darwin.iso and darwinPre15.iso

- Download the files above

Download Vmware Fusion 11.5

- Extract com.vmware.fusion.tools.darwin.zip.tar

- darwin.iso is located in the 'payload' folder

Download Vmware Fusion 11.5 Trial

- Extract com.vmware.fusion.tools.darwinPre15.zip.tar

Download Vmware Fusion 11.5.7

Vmware Fusion 11.5 Catalina

- darwinPre15.iso is located in the 'payload' folder