Xcode 13 adds powerful new team development features, perfect for working with Xcode Cloud as well as with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab collaboration features. Initiate, review, comment, and merge pull requests directly within Xcode. See your teammates’ comments right inside your code. And quickly compare any two versions of your code files.

Easy setup

To install xcode for windows 8.1 download, the next you have to do is follow the on-screen steps of OSX boot as Wizard and then OSX will be installed in Oracle Virtual easily. Now open official Apple App store by opening safari browser by signing into the App store Apple ID and password. Productivity, Multiplied. Why start from a blank Xcode project? Download the AppsGym Swift project template, which runs out-of-the-box, then add your images & icons, customise, optimise, and publish. Download XCode apk 1.0.1 for Android. Xcode.com.bd is an online shop based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. All downloads are hosted by Apple. Links on this site take you directly to Apple’s download pages. Download: Xcode 10.0: Beta 6: 10L232m: 13 Aug 2018: macOS 10.

Take advantage of a complete workflow to manage pull requests directly within Xcode. Create new requests, see a queue of pull requests ready for your review, and quickly view, build, and test results generated locally or by Xcode Cloud.

Team comments inline

Comments that your teammates make on code during review display inline within the code editor, along with the name and avatar of the reviewer.


Quick compare

Jump into a comparison view of any two versions of your source code, in any editor, while retaining your current editing context.

Cloud signing

Apps are code-signed using an Apple-hosted service that manages all of your certificates, making App Store submission easier and more reliable. Just sign in to Xcode using your Apple ID, and your Mac is configured for development and deployment based on your membership roles and permissions.

Bottom bar

The always-visible bottom bar shows useful information, such as line and column, and offers direct access to quickly compare different versions of code.

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Vim mode

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Many common key combinations and editing modes familiar to Vim users are supported directly within the code editor, using the new bottom bar to show mode indicators.

CarPlay simulator

This new simulator for Mac offers complete control over screen size, resolution, and variable input methods, so you can test your CarPlay experience across many different car platforms.

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Instant crash reports and feedback

Crash reports from your TestFlight users appear in Xcode Organizer within just a few minutes, complete with user feedback so your testers can tell you exactly what was happening when they experienced the crash. The crash log displays inline and you can jump to the related code with just a click.

Custom documentation

Build documentation for your Swift framework or package directly from your source code’s documentation comments, then view it in Xcode’s Quick Help and dedicated documentation viewer. Extend those comments by adding extension files, articles, and tutorials — all written in Markdown — and choose to share the compiled DocC Archive with other developers or host it on your website.

Xcode Cloud beta

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Xcode Cloud is a continuous integration and delivery service built into Xcode and designed expressly for Apple developers. Submit your request to access the beta and we’ll email you when your account can be enabled.


Get started.

Download Xcode 13 and use these resources to build apps for all Apple platforms.

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