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Apple is reportedly about to announce two of the most widely anticipated updates to its Mac range – the 2018 updates of the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini.

دانلود Hackintosh macOS, نرم افزار کاربردی به منظور نصب و راه اندازی سیستم عامل macOS بر روی رایانه های شخصی شما اعم از Intel و AMD دانلود Hackintosh macOS. Steps to make Linux Mint 19 Looks Like Mac OS X Mojave. Install the Mac OS GTK3 Theme and Icon Theme. The easiest way to install the Mac OS X Theme and Icon Theme is by using the PPA provided by Nooblabs team. Open Terminal and then execute this command to install the required theme. Sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/macbuntu sudo. Download & Install Hackintosh Mac OS Using Window Laptops 2020 Make Dual Boot Mac OS Bootable USB Using Pen Drive Mac OS Download Hackintosh. The RX 560 (Which I assume is what you mean by saying RX 650) should work OOB because it has the native support in macOS 10.12.6 and newer. There are several reports on people having issues activating their 7750/7770 GPUs in High Sierra and probably Mojave.

The announcements are expected to be made at an October 30th event at the Academy of Music in Brooklyn, New York.

Although specifications have yet to be confirmed, it is widely expected that both machines will feature processors from Intel’s 8th generation Coffee Lake processors. Historically, these two product lines have eschewed dedicated graphics chips in favour of the integrated graphics present in Intel’s CPU, so expect Intel UHD 630 graphics.

It’s also expected that both machines will feature USB-C ports. Thunderbolt 3 would be a very welcome addition, especially given the integrated graphics, as it would allow the use of an external GPU thanks to the eGPU support added in MacOS High Sierra. An eGPU can increase performance in video editing and encoding by several hundred percent when compared to the integrated GPU.

The MacBook Air replacement is reported to feature a retina screen with thin bezels – a welcome upgrade from the low resolution TN panel it has sported since its release over a decade ago.

The Mac Mini has been neglected by Apple for over four years, who thus far have appeared content to focus on their mobile devices and the MacBook Pro. The last time it saw a refresh was in October 2014. This being the case, the model currently on sale still features a now ancient 4th generation Core i5 processor (with a dual-core 4th generation Core i7 available as an upgrade option). Current generation Core i5 CPUs now have six cores compared to the two cores in the old Haswell chips, giving a prospective performance increase of 300% in terms of processor performance.

Macos Mojave Hackintosh Intel Download

It’s still not clear what form the new computers will take, but the new MacBook Air will most likely be similar in appearance to the current 12 inch MacBook, with a slightly larger footprint. As for the new Mac Mini, it will likely be a significant departure from the current, flat, square design given the period of time that has elapsed.

Macos Mojave Hackintosh Without Mac

The current Mac Mini starts at $499, while the MacBook air has a starting price of $1000. the new models are expected to fall within a similar price bracket.

This page contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Before the final release of MacOS Mojave, there was much speculation on the Web regarding the performance increase over High Sierra, with some websites claiming up to a 20x increase in certain operations. Now that the final version is with us, we can find out just how much faster Mojave actually is compared to MacOS High Sierra, when running on the same hackintosh hardware.

We ran a set of benchmarks, along with some real world tests, to find out.

Specifications of the machine used in testing:-

Intel Core i5-8400 (2.8Ghz)
Asus Z370i Strix Mini-ITX Motherboard
Gigabyte Aorus Radeon RX 570 4GB
Kingston HyperX 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM

The following benchmarks were used for testing:-

Geekbench 4.3
Cinebench R15
Unigine Valley 1.0
GFXBench Metal
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Total War: Warhammer
BruceX 5K (Final Cut Pro X)
Final Cut Pro 10.4.3

Here are the results, with the faster score highlighted in red.

BenchmarkHigh SierraMojave
Geekbench 4.3 CPU (Single-Core)52555279
Geekbench 4.3 CPU (Multi-Core)2100121893
Geekbench 4.3 OpenCL123393126025
Cinebench CPU943945
Cinebench OpenGL121.32 fps121.63 fps
Unigine Valley 1.044.5 fps43.5 fps
GFXBench Metal Aztec Ruins (High Tier)74.9693 fps74.9872 fps
Rise of the Tomb Raider (2560×1080 High Preset)73.00 fps73.49 fps
Total War: Warhammer (2560×1080 High Preset)62.6 fps66.4 fps
FCPX – BruceX 5K21.61s20.69s
FCPX – 2 minute 4K Stabilization3m 51s2m 19s
Handbrake h.264 Encode13.21s13.14s

As can be seen from the results, Mojave was faster in all of the tests but one. In most tests, the speed increase was small (as would be expected on the same hardware), but two tests stand out – Total War: Warhammer, one of the few games released thus far which use Apple’s Metal API rather than the now deprecated OpenGL, increased from 62.6 frames per second under 10.13.6 High Sierra to 66.4 fps under 10.14 Mojave – an increase of almost 6%.

A far larger increase was seen in the Final Cut Pro X stabilization test. In FCPX 10.4.3, stabilizing a 2 minutes long 4K clip took 3 minutes and 51 seconds under High Sierra, whereas under Mojave it took just 2 minutes and 19 seconds, making Mojave a full 60% faster that its predecessor.

The one test in which High Sierra was faster was the Unigine Valley benchmark. This is an older benchmark, and uses the OpenGL API which has now been deprecated by Apple in favor of Metal. The difference was only 1 frame.

So, is it worth upgrading?

Hackintosh Macos Mojave Download

If you’re still on the fence about upgrading from High Sierra, and you use a Radeon card, then yes, absolutely. As well as the speed increase, the whole OS seems much smoother in everyday use, and the new Dark Mode looks beautiful on a 4K display. However, if you’re using a Nvidia card, there are currently no drivers available from Nvidia for the new OS, so it’s best to wait until they’re available before upgrading. Nvidia have stated that they are currently working with Apple to provide drivers for Mojave so hopefully the wait shouldn’t be too long.