Download macOS Big Sur. If you're using macOS Mojave or later, get macOS Big Sur via Software Update: Choose Apple menu System Preferences, then click Software Update. Or use this link to open the macOS Big Sur page on the App Store: Get macOS Big Sur. Then click the Get button or iCloud download icon. MacBook Air 13' Model A1369 Software. Grab a toolkit for your MacBook Air 13' Model A1369 model and fix your broken laptop! IFixit has you covered with parts, tools, and free repair guides. Repair with confidence! All of our replacement parts are tested to rigorous standards and backed by our industry-leading warranty. MacBook (2015 or later) MacBook Air (2013 or later) MacBook Pro (Late 2013 or later) Mac mini (2014 or later) iMac (2014 or later) iMac Pro (2017 or later) Mac Pro (2013 or later) To see which model you have, click the Apple icon in your menu bar and choose About This Mac. Learn more about which models are compatible. A 2015 MacBook Air can be upgraded to Mojave. The reason you are not finding anything in Updates is because it is not an update but rather an Upgrade. Get macOS Mojave. Be sure to make a TIme Machine backup before upgrading. Also check for third party app compatibility here:

Hello daschrislydon,

Thanks for reaching out to the Apple Support Communities! From your message I can see that you have erased the 2011 MacBook Air and are looking to upgrade the OS X from Lion.

You're correct that you need to upgrade to OS X El Capitan before you can upgrade to macOS High Sierra.

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Since you're unable to reinstall the Mac OS X Lion through Recovery, see if you can boot into Internet Recovery. To access Internet Recovery, restart your MacBook Air and hold down Option + Command + R. This will allow you to reinstall OS X Lion.

By reinstalling Lion you'll have access to the App Store and you can follow the steps to upgrade to OS X El Capitan: How to upgrade to OS X El Capitan.


Once you have OS X El Capitan running, you can then upgrade to macOS High Sierra: How to upgrade to macOS High Sierra.

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If you're unable to reinstall OS X Lion, you'll need to have access to another Mac to be able to create a bootable USB drive for El Capitan. This article will provide you with the steps to take to create a bootable installer: How to create a bootable installer for macOS.

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Feb 12, 2020 6:35 AM