MacOS Big Sur elevates the most advanced desktop operating system in the world to a new level of power and beauty. Experience Mac to the fullest with a refined new design. Enjoy the biggest Safari update ever. Discover new features for Maps and Messages. R 4.1.1 binary for macOS 10.13 ( High Sierra) and higher, Intel 64-bit build, signed and notarized package. Contains R 4.1.1 framework, GUI 1.77 in 64-bit for Intel Macs, Tcl/Tk 8.6.6 X11 libraries and Texinfo 6.7. The latter two components are optional and can be ommitted when choosing 'custom install', they are only needed.

Get me PHYLIP now

Note -- you probably need the full PHYLIP package, includingthe source code and documents in some form, simply in orderto make sure that you have the documentation, even if you do not intend to ever recompile the sourcecode. Most Windows and MacOS users will want to use theexecutables for theirmachines and will not need to recompile the source code,but everyone will need the documentation as well. Whenever PHYLIPis packaged as a single archive, it does include the all of thesource code and documentation.

The Windows executables, documents, and sourcesare in the form of a Zip archive. To extract it,put it in a directory by itself and right-click on theicon of the archive. You will then be given the option to unpack the archiveinto the many files of the package.

The Mac OS X package is distributed as a .dmg Disk Image whichcan be unpacked using the instructions on our installation web page.The Linux executables can easily be compiledafter downloading the source code -- see the installation page here.

What to do

First note that at the bottom of this page is a link to registeryour copy of PHYLIP, and also a link to installation instructions.To transfer the files,click on the appropriate links below. Then register, and read theinstallation instructions and follow them.

1. Fetch the following:
PHYLIP's license is changing to an open-source license. Itnow uses a license that allows re-use in other software packages withoutdemanding a royalty. (It does not demand that all other software in thatdistribution be open-source). The source code tar archive below has the newlicense. I have designated it as a new version, 3.698.

Linux or Unix

For Linux or Unix (or other systems that need to compile from source code):

(see below for information on how to compile these, and forinformation on precompiled Linux and Unix executables).


We have here the PHYLIP package for Windows, which works onall versions of Windows from Windows 3.1 to Windows 10.Executables, documentation files, andsource code is included in this distribution.

PHYLIP for Windows is available here in two forms. You willneed only one of these, so read carefully before downloading. If youclick on one of these selections to download it, make sure your browsersaves it to disk. Afterdownloading, but before you do anythingelse, you should readour installation instructions.If you have a recent Windows system that is able to extract a ZIPthat file, and if you can transfer a file that is about 12 megabytes in size, you will want to download thiszip archive, and then right-click on it to see an option to unzip thearchive.

  • If you have (as most people do) a 64-bit Windows system, use this Zip archive: Zip archive of PHYLIP 3.698 for Windows.
  • If you have an older Windows system that is a 32-bit system,
    thenyou will need to use this older version that was compiled for 32-bit systems: Zip archive of PHYLIP 3.695 for Windows.

Mac OS

For Macintosh Mac OS (either Intel iMac or PowerMac) the package is distributed as a single compresseddisk image (.DMG) file of 12 Megabytes. Click on this link to download it:

After PHYLIP is installed, the most recent Mac OS X operating system versions,from Mountain Lion on, may refuse to run its executables when you click on the programicon. There is a good workaround for this -- see the discussion atourinstallation web page.

2. Register your copy

Mac Os Versions

Most Recent Mac Os X Register here after you have transferred anything

(It is not necessary to register separately for each file transferred -- youcan register once after downloading several files).

3. Install PHYLIP
Here you will find more information about how toinstall PHYLIP on your computer once you have fetched the appropriate archive files.
Precompiled executables available elsewhere

Debian linux executables

Andreas Tille and Manuel Prinz have compiled and made available a set of PHYLIP3.695 executables for Debian Linux.These are in the 'unstable' section of Debian packagesand may be downloaded for free ('free in the sense of free beer') fromits page on the Debian web site at from various Debian mirror sites. Of course, one can also installthe source code (see under Unix above) and compile it yourself.

Executables for FreeBSD

A PHYLIP 3.695 package for FreeBSD Unix is available, thanks to David Baderand others. It is located atthe BSD PHYLIP package web page at

Specialized source code versions available elsewhere

Source distribution for NetBSD

A set of sources and executables for PHYLIP 3.69 forthe NetBSD operating system has been produced (originally by Marc Baudoin). They are available fromThe NetBSD Packages Collection PHYLIP page at

This is access number of the pages for fetching copies of PHYLIPsince 1 January 2021. In 1996 there were 7,905 accesses. (In 1997-1999no count was made). In 2000 there were 21,414 accesses, in 2001there were 27,781, in 2002, 33,652, in 2003, 38,543, in 2004, 44,004,in 2005, 43,033, in 2006, 42,421, in 2007 39,926, in 2008, 38,855, in2009, 35,412, in 2010, 32,560, in 2011, 28,354, in 2012, 26,737,in 2013, 28,671, in 014, 26,933, in 2015, 23,062, and in 2016, 21,681. In2017 no number was collected owing to malfunction of the counting codeduring part of the year. In 2018, there were 16,163 accesses, in 2019,15,267 accesses, and in 2020, there were 15,701. ... to the PHYLIP home page

The latest macOS version is macOS Big Sur. It was released in November 2020 and s available for everyone to download. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Mac operating system.

Will my Mac run macOS Big Sur?

According to Apple, the oldest Macs to support macOS Big Sur will be the ones from 2013. macOS Big Sur is perfectly fit for MacBook 2015 and newer, MacBook Air 2013 and newer, Mac mini and iMacs from 2014 and newer, and also Mac Pros 2013 running macOS Mojave or later version.

Storage Space: 12 GB of free space
: 2-4 GB RAM
: 30-50 minutes installation time
Space issue is the most crucial, though. The 12 GB of storage is a formal requirement but in reality, you’ll need twice as much to prepare the backup. No worries, if you scan your Mac with CleanMyMac X, you can free up tens of gigabytes of space by removing junk files and uninstalling applications. Download CleanMyMac X for free and get your Mac cleaned and ready for macOS Big Sur.

How to check your macOS version

To see which version of macOS you have on your Mac, follow the steps:

  1. Click the Apple menu icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Choose About this Mac.
  3. Check the version in the Overview tab.

How to update your Mac to the latest version

You can download the latest version of the macOS from the App Store. The process is not difficult but requires some preparation. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to upgrade to macOS Big Sur.

We've prepared the quick tour about the new Apple macOS — check it out.

What are the new features in macOS Big Sur?

Safari reborn

Apple’s Craig Federighi dubbed the current update “The biggest update in the history of Safari.” It’s been shown to outperform Chrome in various tests — another reason for Mac users to feel proud. Now you can customize Safari like never before, set the start page theme, control videos from the menu bar, etc. And, to the dismay of marketers, Safari gives you an option to switch off all your tracking cookies.

Fancier icons

The Dock panel got a full on facelift featuring smaller icons, round edges, more in tune with iOS look. For the last few years Apple has been merging both systems together, and now the gap between the mobile and Mac seems to be almost unnoticeable.

Control Centre

Control Centre is the new quick-access pane that shines in Big Sur’s upper right corner. From there you can adjust volume, screen brightness, and finally, access Bluetooth in one click. Control Centre has handy toggles and keeps all the important controls in one place making it an instant like.

64-bit applications

If you skipped macOS Catalina and, are still running macOS Mojave, there is an issue about 32-bit apps you should know about. Before Catalina the 32-bit / 64-bit app distinction was known only to programmers. These numbers represent different types of app architecture. Starting macOS Catalina and continued on Big Sur, 32-bit apps will no longer be supported on Macs. For many users this will be the single reason to avoid it and stay with good ol’ Mojave. Some big name applications, are still yet to be optimized for Big Sur and 64-bit.

Most Recent Mac Os X

If you’re still planning to upgrade, there are tools to make the transition less painful. For example, the Mac problem-fixing tool, CleanMyMac X, has an Updater feature. It checks how many 32-bits you have and updates them to newer versions (if such are available).

Download the free version of CleanMyMac X here

What were the previous macOS versions called?

Here’s a list of the most recent versions of macOS and OS X


Year of release


macOS Big Sur2020

Visual overhaul, faster Safari, Control Centre app, privacy improvements.

macOS Catalina2019iPad apps on Mac a.k.a Sidecar, new Music, and Podcasts apps, Screentime.
macOS Mojave2018Dark mode, dynamic wallpaper, redesigned Mac App Store.

macOS High Sierra


APFS,Metal 2, support for HEVC video, improvements to VR

macOS Sierra


Siri on the Mac, iCloud Drive, optimized storage, Universal Clipboard

OS X El Capitan


San Francisco system font, Metal, split screen mode, improved spotlight

OS X Yosemite


Re-designed ‘flat’ interface, Continuity, Handoff, Photos

OS X Mavericks


Improved battery life, iBooks, Maps, Finder tabs, faster Safari

Most Recent Mac Os X Version

The brief evolution of macOS versions

The latest version of macOS,Big Sur, looks set to be even better than the previous macOS, Catalina. There are lots of good reasons to download and install it since it became available in November, 2020. Lots of staple Mac apps have already been optimized for Big Sur. One of them is CleanMyMac X that helps to speed up the system and free it up from excessive junk.