If you’re looking for an easy guide to install Node.js and npm on OS X and macOS — this is it.

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  1. Now you can finally install Node.js and NPM with a single line using nvm! Check out Getting Anaconda to work with Oh My ZSH on Mac OS X for working with anaconda on your computer.
  2. Sep 19, 2020 Download Node.js package for Mac OS. First download the latest node.js package from node.js official site and click on macOS installer, it will download.pkg file. Install Node.js on mac OS using Macintosh Installer. Once download completed, click on.pkg setup, you can see below options. Introduction- Click on continue.
Node install sass

Jun 29, 2018 There are several ways to install Node.js and NPM on the Mac, including using a prebuilt packaged installer, or by using Homebrew. This tutorial will cover both, and either approach should work find on any modern version of MacOS system software.

The default method for installing Node.js is to download a pre-built installer for your platform, install it and make sure it’s on your $PATH.

However, if you’re a Homebrew fan like me and prefer to install all of your packages with it — ensuring your packages are installed using the same commands and directories and allowing Homebrew to easily manage upgrades and updates — then this guide will help you get started.

Install Node.js and npm with Homebrew

First, install Homebrew.

Then run brew update to make sure Homebrew is up to date.

As a safe measure you should run brew doctor to make sure your system is ready to brew. Run the command below and follow any recommendations from brew doctor.

Next, add Homebrew’s location to your $PATH in your .bash_profile or .zshrc file.

Next, install Node (npm will be installed with Node):

To test out your Node and npm install, try installing Grunt (you might be asked to run with sudo):

If that worked then congratulations — you’ve installed Node.js, npm, and Grunt.

If not — retrace your steps or post a question to Stack Overflow.


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