Before you erased your mac, you should have downloaded a copy of OS X Yosemite or whatever OS you wanted

Once this is complete I went to disk utilities and first re-erased the Mac SSD and then performed the OS X re-install from the recovery partition. It will not ask for any sign in with your apple ID. It will simply install the original OS X that came with your machine.'This copy of the Install OS X Mavericks application can't be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading.' I've been doing a clean up of a mac I was given. I followed the instructions to erase the disc through Mac OS X Utilities. I've gotten as far as reinstall Mac OS X. I am prompted to input my Apple ID and then get the message - This item is temporarily unavailable. Try again later. I held down COMMAND + R, went to Disk Utilities and unmounted then erased the harddrive. Then I went to reinstall mac os. It was on El Capitan. It asks me to connect to WiFi, I do. Then after a few clicks it asks to login Apple ID. After I try to do that, it says This Item is Temporarily Unavailable. Please try later.

to reinstall and made a bootable USB flash drive installer to avoid having to use the ever more unreliable

Apple Recovery Servers.

The certificates for several of Apples OS's expired in October 2019, Apple haven’t bothered getting these updated on

their Recovery Servers with valid certificates.

This may be the problem you are experiencing.

Try this workaround, we are going to set the time and date on your mac to a date previous to the expiry date of the certificates.

Connect your mac to your router via cable, not WiFi

Os X Yosemite Install This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable

Boot to your Recovery HD, click on Utilities in the menubar select Terminal.

Make sure WiFi is switched off, it can reset the date back to today.

Enter a new date, for example or just copy and paste

sudo date -u 011421002017


press Return

enter your password

press Return

If Terminal returns an error saying sudo : command not found, then try again without sudo.

just enter


date -u 011421002017

press Return

You won't be prompted for a Password if you did not need to use sudo

Once the date has changed you can quit Terminal.

Now try downloading the OS.

Click on Install OS X, press Continue.

If this works then when the OS is installed and booted up you can Open System Preferences> Date & Time

and reset the time back to today.

After getting OS X Yosemite reinstalled on your mac you can now download a copy of Yosemite and make a

bootable USB flash drive installer, so you never have to go through this turgid experience again.

Click on the link below,

Go to Download macOS and click on OS X Yosemite 10.10

this downloads InstallMacOSX.dmg to your Downloads folder.


The next section can only be done on a mac that is capable of running Yosemite,

Os X Yosemite Install This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable Free

a mac that came preinstalled with an OS later than Yosemite will refuse to do the next bit.

When downloaded open to InstallMacOSX.pkg, double-click on

that and an installation window will open, this does not install Yosemite

Os X Yosemite Install This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable Today

but converts the InstallMacOSX.pkg to the Install OS X which

you will find in your Applications folder.

(If the installation window asks which disk you want to install to, you must pick

the disk that you are booted to at the time. Not any internal or external disk that

you want to eventually install Yosemite on, that is for later.)

Create a bootable USB installer disk using the Install OS X

in the Applications folder and the createinstallmedia command in the Terminal app.

Read the instructions here, (the link below also includes links to download other OS's

you may want to or are able to install)

Sep 17, 2021 12:12 PM