Brew Install

  1. Osx Ansible Location
  2. Osx Enable Ftp

If you already have Homebrew installed, then it is as simple as:

That's it!

AWX is the free, open source version of Ansible Tower. Owned by Red Hat, Ansible is a configuration management tool for keeping your infrastructure in a desired state. Like Fedora is the upstream OS for RHEL, AWX is the upstream project for Ansible Tower. AWX is a central interface for managing all your ansible hosts and inventory in one place. While Ansible will try /etc/ansible/hosts by default, there are several ways to tell ansible where to look for an alternate inventory file: use the -i command line switch and pass your inventory file path. Add inventory = pathtohostfile in the defaults section of your /.ansible.cfg configuration file. So, I started my Ansible work using a local Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machine. This provided a real level of safe isolation, but I soon found that managing it was tedious. I set out to see how to get a flexible but isolated Ansible system on native MacOS. Since Ansible is based on Python, Conda seemed to be the ideal solution. Installing Conda. Ansible: From OSX to AWS Posted on November 25, 2014 by Vallard My goal in this post is to go from 0 to Ansible installed on my Mac and then be able to provision AWS instances ready to run Docker containers. Install Ansible on your Mac.

If you prefer to use Python and pip for the install, then read on...

Native Python Install - Summary:

Ansible uses Python and fortunately Python is already installed on modern versions of OSX.

  • Install Xcode
  • sudo easy_install pip
  • sudo pip install ansible --quiet

Then, if you would like to update Ansible later, just do:

  • sudo pip install ansible --upgrade

Native Python Install - Full explanation:


Ensure Xcode is installed first

Some of Ansible's dependencies need to be compiled, so you'll need the developer tools that come with Xcode.

You can check if you already have the developer tools by running this:

(note: Before OSX Mavericks, the package to check for was '')

If the tools are not installed, you will see this output:

In that case, download and install Xcode from here.

If the tools are installed, you should see output similar to this:

Install pip

Linux ansible tutorialOsx

pip is Python's package manager. It isn't installed on OSX by default, but you can use Python's other package manager easy_install to install it:

Install Ansible

Osx Ansible

Osx Ansible Location

Upgrade Ansible

When a new release of Ansible comes out, you can easily upgrade to the new version like this:

Post-Install Setup

Osx Enable Ftp

Next, see the post-install steps...