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More than 80 smart and powerful vector spatial analysis, shape conversion and table management features that make your work a snap XTools Pro from now on will have the same version number as the year of major update release

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XTools AGP is a new add-in for the ArcGIS Pro application. Initially provided with a fewer tools and features it will represent broader functionality of the popular XTools Pro extension to ArcGIS for Desktop extending ArcGIS Pro and facilitating transition to this new GIS application for the end-users.
The toolset that allows creating new geodatabases, feature classes and tables, creating random points, deleting datasets, changing datasources and also renaming multiple datasets in an advanced way.
The series of tools for processing feature classes, including tools for performing various conversions between feature types, for work with multipart features and graphic objects.

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The tools for performing some basic overlay operations like erase, identity and update, as well as advanced tools for creating intersection points and finding nearest features.
MacParallelsParallelsThe series of tools to effectively manage and enrich your attribute tables with such additional attributes like XYZ coordinates, length, area and perimeter; to export tables to the Microsoft Excel application and other file formats, to aggregate and sort features/records, to delete multiple fields at once, to collect various statistics and restructure tables in many advanced ways.
The series of tools for creating surfaces (Grids) from polyline and point data, converting Grids to contour polylines, building Thiessen polygons, and extracting values and zonal statistics from rasters.

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A huge collection of various general usage tools significantly extending standard ArcGIS for Desktop functionality. There are pretty simple yet extremely useful and handy features like Start Editing Selected Layer, Open Attribute Table or Auto Save MXD, as well as powerful tools like Metadata Editor including batch metadata editing capabilities. There are more advanced analogs of the standard ArcGIS features like Smart Add Data dialog and there are tools allowing to do things you simply cannot do in ArcGIS without XTools Pro, e.g. Multiple Layouts, Copy/Paste Layer Properties or Map Theme Manager, and many, many more.

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