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Since 1993, 911CAD and its predecessors have been providing mission-critical services for thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies throughout the world, as well as other security contingents such as campus, hospital, schools, shopping centers, casinos, and many other public safety-related businesses around the world. In all this time, with collectively millions of incidents entered and processed, there has never been a single reported instance of data loss or program failure! How many software programs of any type can make that kind of quality service statement?
In addition to all the features that made the previous versions so useful and powerful, this Pro Version of 911CAD as many additional features and enhancements for both the call-taker and the radio dispatcher:
911CAD controls user access through an Administrative Window, where the program administrator can create a list of people authorized to use the software, a unique password for each person, and the access level that user is allowed (Read Only, Dispatcher Access, Supervisory Access, or Administrative Access).
Taking advantage of now-standard wide-screen monitors, 911CAD now displays both the Incident Board and the Unit Board side-by-side in a re-designed Main Window, cooperatively and interactively working with each other in real time to provide instant and comprehensive updates for the user.
Five different event logs track every significant activity a dispatcher performs, thus providing comprehensive data security and accountability.
Instant on-screen mapping displays and pinpoints any address on a Call Card (internet connection required).
The Contact Management text pad can now hold any amount of critical contact information.

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911CAD creates a lot of critically important data files, so one-click backup and restore services allow you to instantly backup (or restore) your important data quickly and accurately to (or from) any kind of backup media you wish to use!
Five default web site listings in the one-click Internet Services option that are individually configurable.
911CAD features many time-saving efficiencies that automates data entry for quick and accurate entries, such as AutoAddressEntry, AutoBeatEntry, AutoDateTimeEntry, one-click DispositionEntry, one-click TypeCallEntry, AutoPrinting, and many other such powerful and sophisticated features.
The 911CAD Administrator the option of displaying the Main Window window as either a resizable form, or as a ‘Full-screen Only’ form!

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  • Smart SFX v.V 3.0Smart SFX high-quality packager tool , that create SFX zip files can unzip themselves without requiring an unzipping program and support for all windows version both 16bit and 32bit.
  • AK-Discovery v.1.3New Logic to Monitor All types of Application(16bit,32bit,64bit), Servie, Driver and watch every thing about exe file events(Creating , Changeing , Renaming , Deleting) and Release your Operating System From Errors and Clean you recent files.
  • AK-Protection v.3.0AK-Protection is not only protection system but it also enables you to Control your system and allow you to select what the other users do. In this list you will find any strange application. So you can understand, what is the application that is ...
  • AnalogX SayIt v.2.03Inspired by the old Speak & Spell toy, AnalogX SayIt allows you to type in any word or phrase, and it says it (via speech synthesis) into a WAV (16bit/44.1k) file that you specify, or allows you to preview it in realtime! Several options let you ...
  • CatchColor v.1.0.8Its a little Eyedropper. Its useful for to now the Hexa Value of a Pixel on the Screen. The Pixel Color is automaticly copied in the Clipboard. Be Careful : If your Desktop is in 16bit (65K Colors) the Hexa Value will be the Displayed Color and not ...
  • TransparentBlt Source Code v.1.0TransparentBlt Source Code function allows you to display a transparent bitmap. In demo program, we also illustrate how to get the dimension of the bitmap. Source code is applied to both 16-bit and 32-bit Visual Basic. Visual Basic 4.0 (16bit and ...
  • Visual Localize v.3.04Visual Localize 3.04 is a powerful tool which is designed to provide you with a favorable introduction to software localization.This edition of Visual Localize supports the complete localization of Windows (16bit and 32bit) applications for all ...
  • USB2 SSI2 to ISA / PCI / PCMCIA for Mac OS v.2.0.2Allows end users, and hardware/software developers to use peripheral cards on Mac platform.USB2 line of products allows using peripheral cards through USB, and includes:- ISA cards, on the ‘USB2ISA’ family - PCMCIA cards (16bit), on ...
  • X-Amp v.1.19High quality playback of MP3s with any bitrate parameters (16-320 kbps); Compatible play of PCM WAV-files (8/16bit) and FLAC format; Supports the Compact Disc Digital Audio standard; Tracklisting visual control; Loading and saving the text playlists ...

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Screenrecycler free download

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  • Bmp2c v.1.0Converts bitmap file to c/c++ files (usefull for embedded systems with GUI). The color encoding is fully configurable (for example 16bit 5/6/5) and a 'preview' bmp file is generated to show how much the picture is altered by the information ...
  • John's Mutant v.2.17John's Mutant contains a compiler for the mutant language. It is written in python, and emits NASM source code for 16bit DOS, x86 Linux, and x86_64 LInux. This is the successor to the Burapha Compiler ...
  • NiliBasic PIC24 v.24.20120422BASIC interpreter for the 16bit PIC microcontroller 24FJ64GA002. The interpreter runs on the chip only, no compiler/tokenizer is needed. Communication with PC is done by USB-to-serial converter ...
  • VolksForth v.3.8VolksForth is a 16bit Forth System with the goal to produce a manageable Forthsystem for computer systems with restricted system ...
  • Basic Point n Click Game Engine v.1.1.rc.3A simple framework in Java 7 for a point and click adventure type game, visually and operationally based on the look of the NES versions of Shadowgate and Uninvited.Includes 16bit wav audio support, and dynamic font and image sizing for any ...
  • Project 16 v.16A project to make an epic as fuck modern 16bit dos game that can run on old and new hardware!!! more details later!
  • VolCast GPU-based volume rendering v.1.0Volcast is a small, flexible and fast volume raycaster. Raycasting is done entirely on the GPU (nv6800+). The featureset includes: pre-integration, real-time editing of transfer-function and support for 8/16Bit volumes.
  • LC3Sim v.1.0A Java based simulator for the LC-3 16bit processor used in several CSS classes.(specifically in the book 'Introduction to Computing Systems: From Bits and Gates to C and Beyond' (2nd Ed) ...
  • Virtual Olde PC in PC v.1.0I would like to have an emulator that acts like a PC in my PC that is capable of 16bit processing. I would like it to be able to emulate slower processor speeds. It would also be nice if it could use a LAN connection to mimic a modem connection.
  • Ease MP3 CD Burner v.1.60Ease MP3 CD Burner burns WAV,MP3,OGG or WMA files to CD audio format for normal CD player acces. You can directly burn your audio files to audio CD or convert your audio files to CD quality WAV files and burn the WAV files to audio CD.
  • EVH Photo Manager v.1.0EVH PhotoManager, the fastest and easiest-to-use photo manager available for Windows platforms today. EVH PhotoManager, the fastest and easiest-t PhotoManager is a photo viewer/editor with advanced browsing, managing and publishing capabilities.

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  • Evalaze Software virtualization is a technology to run software
  • Ease MP3 CD Burner Ease MP3 CD Burner burns WAV,MP3,OGG or WMA files to CD
  • Adrock Source Code Finder Expert The TAdrockSearchExpert is a utility designed to help you
  • LOOPSalad V1 Everybody loves salads, so tonight we have something special
  • LOOPSalad V1 for Mac OS A new audio salad containing more than 400 exotic audio
  • Smart SFX Smart SFX high-quality packager tool , that create SFX zip
  • Luminance HDR for Mac OS X Luminance HDR is a handy, easy to use software specially
  • USB2 SSI2 to ISA / PCI / PCMCIA for Mac OS Allows end users, and hardware/software developers to use
  • X-Amp High quality playback of MP3s with any bitrate parameters
  • VolksForth VolksForth is a 16bit Forth System with the goal to
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