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Bulk Image Downloader is a great tool when it comes to downloading images from many sites. The only problem is that it works on Windows systems only. So if you're someone that just switched from Windows to Mac, this is kind of frustrating. But fret not, there are a few alternatives you can try on Mac that are really good and could help fill the void.

Sitesucker Linux Server

1. WFDownloader App

WFDownloader App is a general-purpose bulk downloader that can grab files from supported sites easily and quickly. Apart from supporting many wallpaper sites, it supports many of the big image hosting sites and search engines including,,,,,,, etc. Note that for many sites, it supports setting various configurations via a 'Config' button depending on what the site allows. For example for, you can set the image resolution and page range for galleries that span across multiple pages. Occasionally, you can run into a website that is not directly supported by the application. In this case, you can use the manual search option to get what you want. You can search for hyperlinks, images, videos, or use the provided crawler mode for a more advanced link search. The application also supports password-protected sites by either allowing you to import cookies from your browser or letting you use its built-in browser to log in. There is also special support for downloading various media from forum threads. This feature is highly customizable and can be configured to automatically pick up images from known file hosts like ImageBam, Imgur, etc on those threads.

  1. The SiteSucker app is a Macintosh application available for both Mac and iOS platforms. With SiteSucker, you can download a website and make it locally available online. This will enable you to share the website and have users that do not have access to the Internet access it as if they are connected to the Internet.
  2. SiteSucker is the first macOS website downloader software. It ain’t pretty to look at but that is not why you are using a site downloader anyway. I am not sure whether it is the restrictive nature of Apple’s ecosystem or the developer wasn’t thinking ahead, but SiteSucker lacks key features like search and scan rules.

SiteSucker is a Macintosh application that automatically downloads Web sites from the Internet. GTK based Download Manager for GNU Linux and Windows.

WFDownloader App also supports generating sequential links as a batch for download, for example, generating links from image001.png to image100.png. You can also use it to download a list of links whether they are copied from the clipboard or exist in a file.

Finally, WFDownloader App is free to use without any trial period. Note that WFDownloader App is a cross-platform batch downloader and so in addition to running on a Mac system, it also runs on Windows or Linux giving you the same familiar experience wherever you go.

2. RipMe

RipMe is an intuitive album ripper/downloader that can be found on GitHub. RipMe can download whole albums from supported sites hat are listed on the application's GitHub page. For sites not listed, you have to request for the developers of the application to support them. You can batch download a list of URLs which must be supplied as a file. There are some nice options you can configure for example you can auto-rip from the clipboard, prefer mp4 over gif for site rips, overwrite existing files for albums that have been downloaded before, enable sound notifications, etc. RipMe is a free open source software (FOSS) and anyone is free to contribute to the project. RipMe is Java-based and so requires you to have the Java runtime already installed on your Mac book. It requires a minimum version of Java 8 though. Because it is Java-based, it is also cross-platform and can be run on Windows and Linux systems also.

Sitesucker linux command

Sitesucker Linux Distro

3. SiteSucker

Sitesucker Linux File

SiteSucker is a bona fide Mac application that can download entire websites. It has a simple yet intuitive user interface. You can configure the crawler to download not just images but any kind of file. The crawler can also be configured to skip certain URLs making the search complete much faster. Because the crawler is very powerful and has a lot of settings you can make, you should endeavour not to make careless settings. It also has a queue manager to manage multiple jobs. SiteSucker is also able to download from password-protected sites. All you need to do is to ensure you have already logged in via the Safari browser otherwise, you can supply a username and password to be added to its KeyChain. SiteSucker can be purchased from the Mac App Store for $4.99 which is a good bargain if you ask me. It also has a version for iOS.


You can still bulk download images on your Mac book using the above BID alternatives. If you have any BID alternative that I missed, please specify in the comments section. Also, have you tried any of these applications above? What was your experience?

Sitesucker linux versions

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