Free Inter-application Audio Routing Utility for macOS

Download Superlive Plus For PC. You can watch any recordings or footage of any time you just need to scroll in the timeline and watch only the specific parts in which you are interested you don’t need to watch the whole footage but there are many features which will help you to watch the footage at a particular time and with zoom facility. Download Soundflower for Mac free. Inter-application Audio Routing Utility for Mac OS X. Mac Os 10.5 Download Free Download Chrome Mac 10.6 8. Mac Os X 10.7 Download. Sometimes the installer fails, then run it from the console with this command: sudo installer -allowUntrusted -verbose -pkg./soundflower.pkg -target / Original comment by [email protected] on 27 Nov 2013 at 3:01. 8/10 (9 valutazioni) - Download Snow Leopard Mac gratis. Soundflower free download. EXP Soundboard A soundboard that supports almost all MP3s and WAVs. Sounds can be triggered with custom keyboard ho. Dec 19, 2014 FIRST try the downloading the Soundflower-2.0b1.dmg installer. After downloading, control-click on Soundflower.pkg and select 'open' (then. LOOPBACK ® Cable-free audio routing for Mac.

Record any sounds coming from your Mac -- for free

Your Mac is capable of producing sound as well as playing sound channeled from outside sources—devices plugged into the Mac’s USB- and sound input ports as well as audio streamed from the Internet. Wouldn’t it be great if you could captures some of those sounds for later listening? You can. And you can for free with Soundflower. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Download Soundflower

Download: Soundflower 1.6.6 Installer (includes SoundflowerBed) -- Use this for OS 10.6 - OS 10.8 - 179.75KB

  • Soundflower-1.6.6b.dmg

The first step involves finding a way to grab audio playing in one application—a Web browser, for example—and route it to an application that can capture that audio. Cycling ’74’s free Soundflower is that way. Soundflower is a system extension that lets you channel audio from one application to another. For example, you can take the audio playing from a movie in your Web browser and channel it into QuickTime Player’s audio input where you then record it.

Step 2: Configure Soundflower

After you’ve installed Soundflower launch the Sound system preference and you’ll see evidence of Soundflower in the Output and Input tabs. Select the Output tab and choose Soundflower (2ch). Do this and any sound that would normally come out of your Mac’s speakers is now routed through Soundflower. Any is the key word here. If your Mac makes any sound—not just the sound you’re trying to capture but also e-mail and Twitter alerts, for example—it will route that too.

Step 3: Configure your capture application

You have a couple of applications on your Mac that can capture Soundflower’s audio—QuickTime Player and GarageBand. To configure QuickTime Player choose File -> New Audio Recording. In the Audio Recording window that appears click on the downward-pointing triangle to the right of the Record button. From the menu that appears choose Soundflower (2ch). When you’re ready to begin your capture, just click Record.

You set up GarageBand by launching the application and in the New Project window that appears choosing Acoustic Instrument. This creates a GarageBand project that contains a single digital audio track. Use the default tempo and time- and key-signature settings that appear in the New Project Template window and click the Create button. Open GarageBand's preferences, select the Audio/MIDI tab and from the Audio Output and Audio Input pop-up menus choose Soundflower (2ch). Close the Preferences window. If the Info pane for the track doesn’t appear, choose Track -> Show Track Info. In the Browse tab of the Info pane choose Stereo 1/2 Soundflower (2ch) from the Input source pop-up menu. When your Mac makes sound you should see it register in the track’s meters. Click Record to capture the audio.

Step 4: Monitor the Mac’s sound

When you choose Soundflower as your Mac’s audio output you can no longer hear it through attached speakers or headphones. In order for you to monitor what’s happening, launch the Soundflowerbed application (found in /Applications/Soundflower). Click the Soundflowerbed menu bar item that appears and choose your speakers or headphones from the menu. Now, not only will your audio application capture what your Mac plays, but you’ll be able to listen to the source audio as well. (You may want to do this before setting up QuickTime or GarageBand to capture your audio, but that's up to you.)

Again, any sound your Mac makes will be channeled through Soundflower so you’ll want to disable alert sounds or quit those applications that make them. Additionally, if you change your Mac’s volume, that change will be captured by the application that’s recording Soundflower’s sound. So, lay off the volume and mute controls.


Special Thanks to: Christopher Breen (Macworld).

Soundflower for Mac

Soundflower is a great program that lets you pass audio from one app to another on a Mac. Simple to use and get to grips with.

Make some noise on your Mac

Great for equalizing sounds and perfect for accessing your soundcard from more than one app at a time.

Have you ever needed to pass an audio file from one app to another? Then you need Soundflower. Send audio from iTunes or any other application with ease. The program is free, meaning excellent value and a nice addition to for you Mac.

Effectiveness and efficiency make Soundflower a good choice. It’s a perfect audio device interface for quickly switching sound files from one place to anywhere. It runs beautifully on a Mac and is as user-friendly as it gets.

The installation is fast and you will be moving files almost immediately. It’s a very reliable tool and does exactly what’s advertised. Nothing is out of reach and everything is moveable.

Soundflower takes up very little space on your computer, so you’ll barely notice it’s there. It’s a lovely lightweight app and once you use it a few times you will become an expert. Online tutorials and instructions are there to help and make the process even faster for the user. Anyone will be able to access and make use of this handy little program.

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Where can you run this program?

Soundflower can be run on Mac OS X or later. It is easily set up and installed.

Is there a better alternative?

No. For a Mac, this is the program you want. It is perfect for anyone to handle. Loopback is another good choice that is similar and also great for Macs.

Our take

Soundflower is a great app for moving audio files and configuring any sound setup, anyone will be able to make use of it.

Should you download it?

Yes, without a doubt. If you want to get moving those files without issues, then Soundflower is recommended above and beyond any other. Soundcard access is made easier than ever.


  • Complete access to soundcard
  • Move audio files fast
  • Reliable and efficient


  • Installation issues
  • Audio interference
  • Doesn’t fix incompatibility

Soundflowerfor Mac

Soundflower For Pc Free Download