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VMware Fusion 11.5.6 6 August 2020 Build 16696540

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

About VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion® 11 is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to run Windows and other x86 based operating systems on a Mac without rebooting.

For more information, see the broader VMware Fusion documentation.

System Requirements

  • Hardware
    All Macs launched in 2012 or later are supported except for the following:

    • 2012 Mac Pro Quad Core using the Intel® Xeon® W3565 Processor.

    The following are also supported with a recommended graphic card that supports Metal:
    • 2010 Mac Pro Six Core, Eight Core, and Twelve Core.

  • Software
    Supports only macOS 10.14 Mojave or macOS 10.15 Catalina hosts.

What's New

This release of VMware Fusion is a free upgrade for all VMware Fusion 11 users. This release provides the following:

  • Performance improvements, bug fixes and security updates.

Prior Releases

Features and Known Issues from prior releases of VMware Fusion 11 are described in the release notes for each release. To view the release notes for a prior release, click the appropriate link:

Resolved Issues

  • Sandisk Extreme SSD device is not recognized in a virtual machine

    Unable to connect a Sandisk Extreme SSD device to VM because the device is not recognized in the guest operating system.

    This issue is now resolved.

  • Plug In Action is broken when an iPhone is connected to Windows guest operating system

    After the Plug In Action for iPhone is set to Ask what to do, the Ask what to do dialogue box doesn't appear when an iPhone is connected to the Windows guest.

    This issue is now resolved.

  • The VMware Graphics Service crashes and causes the system to crash

    When the Use High Performance Graphics for 3D Applications Only option is selected on a Mac which doesn't have dual GPUs (For example: iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro), the VMware Graphics Service crashes.

    This issue is now resolved.

  • Some USB mass storage devices can't be accessed in a virtual machine

    After you select the checkbox next to a USB mass storage device in USB & Bluetooth Settings to connect it to a running virtual machine, the virtual machine is unable to access the mass storage device.

    This issue is now resolved.

Known Issues

  • VMware Fusion causes macOS 10.15.6 hosts to operate unreliably

    VMware Fusion might cause a macOS 10.15.6 host to hang, panic, or unexpectedly restart after a virtual machine has been running for a period of several hours or more. Users are forcibly logged out and lose their current session and data.

    Restart your Mac regularly to avoid failure. If macOS 10.15.6 has not yet been deployed on a host, consider deferring deployment until the issue has been resolved.

VMware Fusion Pro 11.5.1 Build 15018442

VMware Fusion gives Mac users the opportunity to run the Windows, on the Mac, along with hundreds of other operating systems side with Mac applications, without having to reboot. Fusion is simple enough for home users and powerful enough for IT professionals, developers, and enterprises.

Running almost any operating system on a Mac running Windows on a Mac is just the beginning. VMware Fusion allows you to select from hundreds of supported operating systems, from the lesser-known Linux distributions to the latest version of Windows 10.

Connecting to the VMware Vsphere securely connect to servers Vsphere, the ESXi and workstations to run, control and management as a virtual machine (VM) and the physical hosts. With VMware a common platform, the virtual machines can be easily transferred from the data center to the desktop Vsphere Mac, then run in the Fusion.

Development and testing of any Fusion platform makes it easy to test almost any operating system and applications on a Mac. Creating and testing applications in the sandbox while the secure exchange of local source files and folders. Fusion Pro now includes a RESTful API for integration with modern development tools like Docker, Vagrant, ansible, the cook, and the other to match VMware capacity in modern Agile and DevOps-oriented production pipelines.

Design and Demonstration Complex solutions with the ability to run all of the virtual stack of clouds on one the Mac, a solution architects can show all your software solution in real-time via secure rollback points, to return to a known configuration. Fully express the story of your journey software by following all the components on a single laptop to show the world.


Professionals Run Windows on a Mac with Fusion Pro 8 Pro Fusion allows Mac users to use Windows 10 functions as a whole new border browser, or strike up a conversation with Cortana, all new personal digital assistant, even while the Fusion running in the background. With support for over 200 operating systems including Windows 10, the Fusion 8 Pro provides unrivaled platform compatibility and integration with the VMware ecosystem.

Expiring virtual machines to workers assigned to short-term projects, temporary workers, or to evaluate the software, creating a restricted virtual machines, which expire at a specified time and date. At power-up, the virtual machine requests the server at regular intervals, while maintaining the current system time of a virtual machine in the Restricted policy file as the last verified timestamp. Expired virtual machine automatically stops and will not be restarted without administrator intervention.

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