Xcode 13 adds powerful new team development features, perfect for working with Xcode Cloud as well as with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab collaboration features. Initiate, review, comment, and merge pull requests directly within Xcode. See your teammates’ comments right inside your code. And quickly compare any two versions of your code files.

  • Download Xcode 6.4 free DMG Xcode 6.4 free download Xcode for Mac is a developer tool to create applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Xcode is Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) for OS X. The full Xcode package is free to ADC members and includes all the tools you need to create, debug, and optimize your own Universal.
  • Archival of 10.4.10 installers and accompanying files:10.6.7-4.2-4C199-XCODE.dmg (Standard Xcode 4.2.

Download version 6.4 for free from the Mac App Store. As you can also read from the message I DO have version 6.4 and the message pretend I should install version 6.4 I also removed and re=installed from the app store but the result is the same.

6.4Xcode 6.4 download

Easy setup

Take advantage of a complete workflow to manage pull requests directly within Xcode. Create new requests, see a queue of pull requests ready for your review, and quickly view, build, and test results generated locally or by Xcode Cloud.

Team comments inline

Comments that your teammates make on code during review display inline within the code editor, along with the name and avatar of the reviewer.

Quick compare

Jump into a comparison view of any two versions of your source code, in any editor, while retaining your current editing context.

Cloud signing

Apps are code-signed using an Apple-hosted service that manages all of your certificates, making App Store submission easier and more reliable. Just sign in to Xcode using your Apple ID, and your Mac is configured for development and deployment based on your membership roles and permissions.

Bottom bar

The always-visible bottom bar shows useful information, such as line and column, and offers direct access to quickly compare different versions of code.

Vim mode

Many common key combinations and editing modes familiar to Vim users are supported directly within the code editor, using the new bottom bar to show mode indicators.

CarPlay simulator

Xcode 6.4 El Capitan Download

This new simulator for Mac offers complete control over screen size, resolution, and variable input methods, so you can test your CarPlay experience across many different car platforms.

Instant crash reports and feedback

Crash reports from your TestFlight users appear in Xcode Organizer within just a few minutes, complete with user feedback so your testers can tell you exactly what was happening when they experienced the crash. The crash log displays inline and you can jump to the related code with just a click.

Custom documentation

Build documentation for your Swift framework or package directly from your source code’s documentation comments, then view it in Xcode’s Quick Help and dedicated documentation viewer. Extend those comments by adding extension files, articles, and tutorials — all written in Markdown — and choose to share the compiled DocC Archive with other developers or host it on your website.

Xcode Cloud beta

Xcode Cloud is a continuous integration and delivery service built into Xcode and designed expressly for Apple developers. Submit your request to access the beta and we’ll email you when your account can be enabled.

Get started.

Download Xcode 13 and use these resources to build apps for all Apple platforms.

The iOS app store has traditionally been viewed as a safe source of apps, thanks to Apple’s policing of its walled garden. However, that is no longer completely the case, thanks to the discovery of multiple legitimate apps in the iOS app store that contained malicious code, which was dubbed XcodeGhost.

So, how did XcodeGhost happen? Xcode (Apple’s toolkit for developing on their various platforms) has been a challenge for Chinese developers to download from official sources because of its size (multiple gigabytes) and the slow connection speed to Apple’s servers. (For Chinese users, access to sites within China is much faster than sites outside the country.) As a result, many Chinese iOS app developers did not download Xcode from official sources. Instead, they resorted to downloading copies that were hosted on local file-sharing sites and posted in various online forums:

Figure 1. Forum post advertising Xcode copies

Unfortunately, these copies added a new CoreService development framework to replace the original which contained malicious code. As result, every app built with these tools contained the malicious code. The screenshots below show how a malicious URL was added into the code, which would be accessed by the apps created with the malicious tools. The first screenshot is from a modified version of Xcode 6.2; the other is from a modified version of 6.4. The modified version of 6.4 attempts to hide the malicious URL in order to confuse researchers and security software. (The latest version offered for download by Apple is Xcode 7, with a beta for 7.1 available as well.)

Figure 2. Modified version of Xcode 6.2

Figure 3. Modified version of Xcode 6.4

Infected Apps

Here are some of the apps which include the XcodeGhost code. However, due to the widespread use of these copies of Xcode downloaded from other sources, other apps may be affected as well. Do take note that the apps in bold text can still be found in the app store.

com.tencent.mt21.10.5我叫MT 2

Pushing Apps

Faced with pressure, the XcodeGhost author has since released a letter of apology, along with the source code. Looking into the code, we found that aside from leaking information, the code can remotely push apps. Victims will be directed to the designated app in the app store. In addition, XcodeGhost can also be used to send notifications to the user, which can be used for malicious purposes such as fraud and phishing.

Xcode 6.4 Download

Figure 4. Snippet of released source code

Affected Countries and Regions

Based on our monitoring, we found that China is the most affected country. However, the North American region was also hit hard by XcodeGhost. This isn’t that surprising, considering that several apps that are known to have been infected are available outside of China.

Figure 5. Affected countries

Trend Micro detects apps that contain this malicious code as IOS_XcodeGhost.A.

Update as of September 24, 2015, 12:00 P.M. PDT (UTC-7)

In addition to Xcode, we also observed that the Unity library in iOS has also been infected by malicious code named UnityGhost. Unity is a third-party development platform for creating 2D and 3D multiplatform games. The platform is not only used in iOS devices, but on Android, Windows, and Mac OS X systems as well. Consoles like Playstation, and Xbox may also be affected.

In this scenario, the library, libiPhone-lib-il2cpp.a-armv7-master.o was infected with the same tactics, but is connected with different command and control (C&C) servers.

Xcode 6.4 Download Free

Figure 6: UnityGhost has the same tactics seen in XcodeGhost (seen in Figure 2) but with a different C&C server

As of this writing we have not been able to find apps infected by UnityGhost on any other platform, including Android.

The Unity platform costs a hefty $75 a month for the professional version, which may have prompted cybercriminals to scour through forums in order to download cracked versions. The screenshot below shows that the cracked version is being distributed by the same XcodeGhost author.

Figure 7: Cracked versions of Unity are being distributed by the XcodeGhost author

Hat tip goes out to the Alibaba Mobile Security Team for sharing the UnityGhost sample.

Xcode 6.4 Download For Mac

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