You might be faced with an error message telling that “Please update to Xcode7.3” when you try to sideload apps. The developer Jay Saurik Freeman published a Twitter message telling that Cydia Impactor Xcode 7.3 error is due to an error in the server side. The new update changed the authentication of Apple accounts, which allows the non premium Apple developers to break Cydia Impactor. This has caused a lot of users to not work Cydia Impactor properly.


Cydia Impactor

Xcode 7.3 Download Windows

Perfect for buttons, logos and nav/tab bars. Easy to extend, style and integrate into your project. If you want to use any of the bundled icons, you need to add the icon fonts to your Xcode project. For each platform (iOS/Android/Windows) you plan to use, follow one of the options for the corresponding platform. When I try to download the game pubg to Cydia Impacter show me this message I hope the solution did not benefit from the Vip subscription file:provision.cpp; line: 81; what: ios/listDevices =3018 Please update to Xcode 7.3 or later to continue developing with your Apple ID file:provision.cpp; lin. 1 Swift 5.4.3 contains Linux and Windows changes only, Swift 5.4.2 is available as part of Xcode 12.5.1. 2 Swift 5.4.3 Windows 10 toolchain is provided by Saleem Abdulrasool. Saleem is the platform champion for the Windows port of Swift and this is an official build from the Swift project. Xcode is a complete developer toolset for creating apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Xcode brings user interface design, coding, testing, debugging, and submitting to the App Store into a unified workflow. Downloading and updating Xcode. The current release of Xcode is available as a free download from the Mac App Store.

Technically, Xcode can’t be installed on Windows PC because there are compatibility issues, but there are ways to emulate Xcode on Windows 10 via Virtual machine. So, in this article, we have decided to share the best method to download & install Xcode on Windows 10, 8, and 7 operating systems.

With the resolution and development of the technology applications have been improved to download directly as these apps are not available in App store or Play store. Cydia Impactor is such an application used to install third party applications to iOS devices. Cydia Impactor is a Graphical User Interface application developed by an individual developer named Saurik. This app is available for world most famous major operating systems namely Apple, Mac and Linux.

How to fix Cydia Impactor “Update to Xcode 7.3 error”?

Furthermore Saurik also posted the steps to follow to solve the error. He has told the users to wait over a week until the new authentication scheme works. And he has also introduced alternatives to fix Cydia Impactor “Update to Xcode 7.3 error”.

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There are some few requirements to use the alternative methods.

The user must have an iOS device and a lightning cable. The user must also download Xcode from the Apple Dev Website in the Apple Dev Website. Moreover an iOS app signer is needed. It is needed to have a machine that runs a mac operating system, even a Hacktintosh or virtual machine also will work. Having an Apple ID is also required. The user must also have the IPA of the application that you are looking to sideload.

Below is the procedure to fix the “update to Xcode 7.3 error”

Step 1: Install the latest version of Xcode on the computer that runs the mac operating system.

Step 2: Move the program to applications and then open it.

Step 3: Navigate to settings after opening the Xcode and then add your Apple ID.

Step 4: Double click the ID in the right hand box then a window will open.

Step 5: Click the “create” button on the right side.

Step 6: Attach your iOS device in a new single project created on Xcode.

Step 7: Select the device and then select the Apple ID as a “team” and leave all as defaults.

Xcode 7.3 Download Windows

Step 8: When the status bar is completed loading click the “play” button and then click “Run”.


Step 9: Then go for “general” in “settings” and click on “device management” and feel free to trust yourself as a developer there.

Step 10: Once it runs successfully in the device, download the “App signer” and follow the prompts.

Step 11: after opening the iOS app signer inputfile the app that you want to sideload.


Step 12: Start the programme and choose an output path and you must also name the file.

Step 13: Go to “Devices” in “Navigate to windows” after visiting Xcode.

Xcode 7.3 Download Windows

Step 14: Select the device to get the loaded apps.

Latest Xcode 7.3 Download Windows

Step 15: Finally you can drag and drop or else you can click the plus sign(+) and sideload the newly signed application.